Junior Olympic Archery Development is a program made by USA Archery that is geared towards helping young archers further their love for the sport with advanced coaching and fun challenges such as competitions. Whether your archer wants to just learn to perfect their performance for recreation, or have a competitive spirit, JOAD is perfect for them! Shooters can look forward to shooting 3 hours a week with their team, as well as League Nights held every other Friday night. JOAD is held at our FishTech range in Morton Grove.

Wanderlust Archers has created an introduction meeting that is held every 3 months for both shooter and parent to learn more about the program. Attending this meeting is necessary before joining the team. Check the calendar for dates and times.

To better help each individual shooter with their specific needs, we’ve divided the team into 3 levels. each archer is encouraged to advance when we host evaluations every 3 months



Elite is the highest level on the team. This is for archers who dream of going far in this sport and have dedicated their time and energy in becoming the best they can be. These are the shooters who compete locally and nationally.

Saturdays 11-1


Advanced has developed the basic fundamental skills and confidence to get out there and compete in small competitions as well as State every year.

Saturdays 6-8

Wednesday 7-9




Beginner is the very basic intro to JOAD. Shooters will learn proper form technique as well as the fundamentals of mental management. Beginners do NOT have the pressure to compete, but will never be held back if they wish to enter.

Saturdays 4-6

Wednesday 7-9